Hi! I’m Doro – professional photographer in Calgary

Making this website took me a few years. I just could not decide what photos to show and what criteria to use to choose them. And then… it came to me. Really simple: it all begins with women, then men, then they meet after which comes love & marriage which leads to family & kids. These are the titles of my galleries. That simple, didn’t take more than a moment. And then… I got stuck again on the „About” page. What was I supposed to write? That photography is my passion? That I graduated from PWSFTiT (Film school in Lodz, the same one that brought us Roman Polanski)? When and where I’ve shown my work? That I pride myself in having an individual approach to every photo shoot? Really? So I thought and thought and then one day I heard this song playing on the radio:

I don’t want to walk against the wind
When it’s blowing the right way
I don’t want to run towards the stars
I want them to run to me

I don’t want to seize the day
When I have weeks in my hand
It’s so nice, so nice

I thought to myself: Holy crap, that song’s about me, that’s exactly the way I feel. I don’t wanna fight and struggle, I wanna live in accordance with nature and be in tune with the cosmos and minimize my carbon footprint. I wanna get my vital strength from my enchanted garden. Get the positive energy from people who have a healthy perspective towards themselves and a sense of humor. That’s what inspires me and I love feeling this way. I’m laid back and that’s all I have to say about myself. Who’s gonna read that?


  • photo: Robert Przybysz
  • lyrics: Krzysztof Zalewski